Project Description

The Vegas Lawyers is a ground-up build of a new brand. An existing personal injury law firm in Las Vegas wanted to expand into the criminal defense area, and did not want to expand their existing brand to include these practice areas. Instead, they chose to create a brand from scratch, and contacted Big Bulldog SEO to provide all aspects of this project. We were started with nothing more than a name and a URL, along with a general idea of what they wanted the brand to look like. We created the brand visuals and logo, as well as defining and constructing a persona that the brand would embody. While other law firms in Las Vegas presented themselves as “toughguys” and “heavy hitters,” we decided that The Vegas Lawyers brand would be more comical and “Vegas.” After designing the brand look and feel, we created a website that would give new clients the understanding that the marketing might be outrageous, but the firm is serious and strong. Bold graphics and a stripped down look created a website that is unmistakable, and cuts through the clutter that typical lawyer websites use.

The project includes a vast social media campaign involving Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and other spaces. Posts are created daily within the scope of the brand voice and distributed across the internet to raise brand awareness. A large-scale SEO program is in place and producing the expected results. The program is currently 6 months old, and has achieved the expected positions at this time frame. Some practice areas are performing better than expectations.