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When we say “Las Vegas exclusive SEO company,” we mean that we only work with businesses from the local Las Vegas and Henderson NV area. Big Bulldog SEO was created for the purpose of localized SEO for businesses that we can meet with in person, in order to provide the best search engine optimization strategies and services that area available. Our parent company Focus Internet Services handles SEO projects from businesses outside of the local Las Vegas area.

Big Bulldog Marketing is a specialized firm that only provides SEO, website design and social media services. We concentrate on these specializations so that our customers can achieve top results within a streamlined campaign that business owners understand. Too many SEO companies provide monthly services that business owners have no idea of what they are doing, trusting the SEO company to do adequate work. By the time you figure out that it isn’t working, enough time has gone by that the company is on to the next victim. Big Bulldog operates differently. We are completely transparent with our SEO strategy and work, and every month you will receive a detailed report on your progress as well as specifics of the work that was completed that month. You can review the report each month to see the live content we created, the places it was posted and the changes to your website. You share in the process and are encouraged to understand it, so that you can create realistic expectations for your online marketing that will not disappoint.

Search engine optimization is a process by which website content and code is manipulated in order to push rankings higher on Google for phrases that are being targeted. Through a collaboration with your business we establish the most appropriate target phrases based on traffic and the specific products and services you sell. We come to that list together so that we are all on the same page as far as what is important and expected, and then we get to work creating the content and structure that will push those rankings higher. Your business benefits when customers find you on page one, so we track the progress and shift our strategy every month to keep moving closer to that goal. SEO has no value if you are not on page one, so we provide the most accurate estimate of how long it will take based on your budget. We project milestones and keep you updated every month as to how we are doing. Through this combined effort, we create the traffic to your website that makes you money. We also concentrate on creating the best landing pages on your site so that customers who get there don’t get confused and leave. After all, it really isn’t about rankings so much as it is about gaining new customers.

Our estimates and analysis of your website and business situation is free of charge, and we will spend as much time as is necessary to cover everything that we propose. We have no contracts or long-term agreements. We believe that if you are not satisfied with our work at any time you should be free to cancel. We take pride at being the best SEO company in Las Vegas, and possibly the entire country.

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