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Mobile Dog Gym Las Vegas : RUN DAWG

How RUN DAWG used social media and PR to grow their business.

RUN DAWG Mobile Dog Gym was an idea in a notebook just one year ago. Local business owners wanted to diversify their businesses after a slowdown in regular sales due to covid, and made the determination to enter into a new concept in the pet space. The “mobile dog gym” is a concept that combines dog exercise and convenience, traveling to customer locations in order to provide exercise to their dogs. Instead of the usual walking that most people do, the dogs are allowed to run full speed on specially designed treadmills that are situated in the back of the van.  Through this service, customers can provide their dogs with the exercise that they so desperately need, while also knowing that they are safe and secure. No more fights at dog parks. No more potentially getting loose or hurt during the walk. RUN DAWG had the idea, but needed help making their vision into a reality.

Big Bulldog SEO and Focus Internet Services teamed up on this project to provide every form of marketing, display and publicity that a new business would need. We created a fully functional website that would not only provide information but also allow for bookings through the site. We designed and executed one of the most recognizable vehicle warps in Las Vegas today, featuring a logo and character that are unmistakable and fun. You simply cannot miss the van when you see it, and any time it is on the road people notice. We also mounted a full social media and PR campaign, gaining both local and national news coverage that was seen as far away as Bulgaria. All social media channels were built and populated with ongoing posts, from Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and TikTok.  We took RUN DAWG from a concept in a notebook to a fully functional business that is now growing and thriving in Las Vegas, Henderson and Summerlin.

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