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SEO For Dentists In Las Vegas

seo in 2020SEO is a shortened version of “search engine optimization” which is the process of manipulating website code and content in order to achieve a higher position on Google searches. Every day, significant amounts of potential customers in a region like Las Vegas go to Google to search for businesses that they are considering patronizing. With regards to potential customers of a dental office in Las Vegas, people may use the search phrase “Las Vegas dentist” or “pediatric dentist in Las Vegas” in order to find a list of businesses that they can consider. They may also not use the actual “Las Vegas” portion of the search, and instead search for something like “dentist near me” or “affordable dental near me.” Through these variations of search phrases, customers find lists of businesses that Google has positioned on their index, and they choose from these businesses by clicking through to the websites and deciding. It is assumed by most customers that the closer to a number one position a dentist’s office is for their search, the better that office is. For this reason, around 55% of all searchers will click the first result only and go to that website to find out information. The number two result gets about 25% and each result lower gets about half the clickthroughs as the one above it. If there are 1,000 searches every month for “Las Vegas dentist” and 55% click on the number one result, it drives 550 potential customers to that website every month. Only through the process of SEO can you achieve those high positions.

SEO for dentists in Las Vegas involves a few specific elements. The first thing that is done is to verify appropriate localization on all Las Vegas directories and places where the business is listed. This information must be correct if Google is to understand that this listing connects to this website. The website itself is then streamlined to load as fast as possible on a wireless device, and also coded in a way that will display information appropriately on all devices. This is known as “responsive design.” The final component of SEO is content that is created and positioned on the website and offsite linking back to the website. This content answers customer questions, and positions your website as the authority on a topic. Through the ongoing process of building trust and authority on topics associated with the phrases customers search for, website rankings go up. The SEO process is a growth strategy that takes time. It is not uncommon for top positions to only be achieved after 6-12 months of SEO, in competitive spaces. The dental industry in Las Vegas is competitive, but top positions will more than pay for the money it costs to do SEO over time. Once a first-page placement is achieved, traffic will begin to flow to the business resulting in new customers. In the dental field, this can be worth tens of thousands of dollars in lifetime customers.

We are experts in dental SEO and SEO for dentists in Las Vegas. We have worked with many dental firms over the years to grow their practices, including Absolute Dental which we assisted in growing from 12 locations to more than 30 within only a few years. This growth was as a result of a very smart and inclusive marketing campaign that included an aggressive SEO program. Absolute Dental went from no rankings to #1 for “Las Vegas dentist” by the time they were sold to an investment firm and our project ended. We pride ourselves on the results we have gained for other Las Vegas dentists, and we are confident we can do the same for your dental practice.

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