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SEO for lawyers is one of the most powerful tools that a law firm owner can utilize to increase the exposure of their business.  In order to fully utilize search engine optimization as a tool for getting new customers, you must understand that the new customers are searching for the things you provide, and not your name.  When most people think about ranking on search engines, they think about showing up in searches for their name, and fail to think about customers who have no idea who they are.  If someone is searching for your name specifically, they already know who you are and are probably a customer.  While there is certainly value in ranking for your name, true search engine optimization is the pursuit of rankings for the things that you provide.  The customers who are looking for something that you sell but who have not ever heard of you before are looking on search engines for the stores for businesses that sell that particular thing within their area.  These are your potential customers, and if you are not being presented for these generalized searches, then you are missing out on the majority of traffic that is online that could be potential customers.

SEO for lawyers is one of the most competitive spaces within the search engine optimization field.  When you look at the pay per click prices that are associated with the things that people search for in order to find a lawyer, many people are shocked.  This is because the law firms who are not being presented in organic rankings tend to rely on pay per click in order to be presented on the first page.  Because the pay per click system is auction based, the law firms that are willing to pay the most per click are the ones that are presented on the first page.  This drives the clip prices up to levels that scene almost ludicrous.  The thought process behind paying these amounts is that a single case can bring millions of dollars into the firm, justifying the fact that you may have to pay upwards of $200 for a single click on a generalized term.  For example, if you are attempting to show up on the first page of the search engine for something like “ personal injury lawyer Las Vegas,” you can expect to pay upwards of $200 for every time someone clicks the ad you have placed.  Naturally, not every person who clicks the ad is going to become your customer.  Most statistics show that you will convert less than 10% of the people who go to your web site into customers.  This means that you can expect to pay at least $2000 towards pay per click traffic in order to get a client from that search.  Each search is different and will have different click prices associated with it.  Something like “car accident attorney” will present different results then something like ”motorcycle accident attorney.” Each of these must be treated as a separate search that you can expect to allocate a significant amount of money into pay per click in order to be presented for consideration.  Search engine optimization is a process by which the web site itself is manipulated so as to be presented for the organic results that a search engine displays for the same types of searches.  If you have paid for an ad to place you at the top of the search engine for “personal injury attorney,” you are paying every time someone clicks that ad.  The first few results that are shown organically for that same search are being presented to 100% of the people who searched that term, and the cost is based on how much they had to pay the SEO company to get there.  Because of the amount of searches that happen every month for legal terms, a first page placement organically can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The only way to achieve that first page organic placement is through search engine optimization on the web site.

Search engine optimization is difficult.  The majority of law firms that are presented on the first page for almost any organic generalized search will be employing a search engine optimization program.  This means you must compete at least at the same level of development as they are in order to be expect to be there one day.  The only effective methods of search engine optimization today involve content creation that is placed on the web site, and content that leaks back to your web site once placed on other sites.  This means that a SEO writer is going to have to create significant amounts of content that will be placed on your website and on other sites to link back.  Legal content is generally difficult to write, and in order to have value it must present accurate and unique information that is a valuable to a potential customer.  It must answer questions that they would have, and provide them with information that they are seeking on a subject.  This process must create not only the best content within your general area, it also must be presented in a way that shows that your website is the authority on a subject.  This will usually mean that a great deal of content must be placed onto the web site dealing with that topic.  Authorities on a subject almost always will have many different discussions about that topic.  Even though there may be only a single page of the web site that is designed to be the one to rank for a subject, there may be hundreds of pages of text on that topic to show that you are an authority.  The process of search engine optimization for lawyers is almost never an easy one, but it can pay huge dividends if you can achieve a first page ranking for some of the general searches that people do to find a lawyer in your area.

Big Bulldog SEO specializes in digital marketing and Las Vegas seo.  We can also perform search marketing in any other major city, due to the fact that the only real difference in the presentation is the city in which you are located.  The general contents that is developed on the different topics is relatively the same no matter what city you are in.  This means that we can apply the same strategic tactics that we do for lawyers in Las Vegas to you.  The only difference is that we localize the information for your city specifically.  We have worked with many lawyers over the course of the last 10 years, and have a unique understanding of the challenges that attorneys face with regards to search engine rankings.  If you are interested in exploring SEO for your law firm, contact us today.

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