SEO For Physicians

seo in 2020SEO For Physicians: Many people ask why a physician would need search engine optimization due to the fact that most physicians are either part of larger for practices or they are family physicians or specialists that are recommended by insurance companies. Why would they need higher rankings on search engines in order to gain new customers? The answer is that many types of doctors are outside of this method of acquiring new patients, and even the doctors which are part of larger practices can benefit from the practice itself gaining higher rankings through search engine optimization. Most obvious example of doctors which operate outside the scope of traditional insurance are plastic surgeons. These types of doctors will generally work off of referrals from patients who already had a procedure telling their friends. The issues come in when people who are seeking plastic surgery or some other form of cosmetic work that is not covered by insurance do not have the recommendations of friends or family to go off of. Many people who are looking into the services of a plastic surgeon are not discussing the procedures with anyone around them due to the fact that they want to keep this information private, or they simply do not know of anyone else who has had this type of procedure and you can provide a good recommendation. The most commonplace that this type of patient goes is to the Internet in order to seek clues as far as who is good and who isn’t, and who is expensive and it was more affordable. A plastic surgeon’s work is his biggest selling point, and the ability to show potential patients the work that has been done on other people is the easiest method of convincing them that you are good at your specialty. The issue comes in when you have created a great online portfolio that is presented on your website and would be sure to convince any potential customer you are the one to choose, but your portfolio is not being presented to those potential customers because of the methods that are being used to create list that they are choosing from. When people go to google in order to find a new doctor, they’re going to put in the search for something like “plastic surgeon in Las Vegas” and are then going to review the top five or six websites that are presented to them in the results. Only SEO for physicians will get you there. They’re going to look over these websites see they can find information on the work you have done and your pricing, and also potentially information on customer reviews and your location. All these things are only going to be presented to potential customers for somewhere between 5 and 10 web sites that are positioned on the first page of the search engine for that particular search phrase that the customer typed in. Anything beyond the first page is almost never considered, and ultimately does no good to provide new potential customers to businesses. Search engine optimization is a process by which the code on your website is manipulated, and content is created which deals with the topic that you are trying to rank for. This process these more intense based upon the amount of competition for the phrases, and even though you’re competing websites may represent surgeons that are not nearly as good as you are, you must understand but the search engine is judging them on the website, and not on the talent. On search engine results about 45 percent of the traffic goes to the first result, with every result under that getting about half the traffic of the one above it. By the time you have reached the 10th position on the first page, the websites are getting less than 1% of the total search traffic. Plastic surgeons and other doctors need to be presented in these propositions if they are to be considered by potential customers who do not have references from other people. If you are a plastic surgeon or physician who is interested in learning more about SEO for physicians for your website, contact us today.

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