SEO Pricing

Our SEO programs for most businesses are monthly. These ongoing programs are designed to add content to the website in an ongoing manner in order to build trust and authority on the targeted topic over time. This is the only method of gaining higher rankings that is effective and will not risk penalization or delisting from the Google index. We also offer “one-time” SEO as part of our startup packages, which will set up the website for future SEO work. This entails adding the necessary fields that can be expanded upon, and creating the most streamlined and effective website code possible. Only in very low competition industries will “one-time” SEO have an impact that will gain first-page rankings. Even small amounts of competition will generally need an ongoing monthly program of some level to achieve first-page.

While we have several SEO programs quoted, we can work with any budget to improve your SEO. If you have a small budget, we will adjust the amount of terms/phrases that are targeted and the number of ongoing monthly additions of content that are created, in order to fit your budget. 

All content that is created for websites is a minimum of 500 words, and is created from scratch by our American authors. We do not outsource any work to foreign countries. Articles are either positioned on the website or on other websites for inbound links, depending on the strategy. Generally it will be a mix of the two. 

All projects start with an identification of the phrases and terms you wish to rank for. An ongoing SEO program is designed to fit your budget around these goals. It will generally take around 4 to 6 months to gain first page rankings, but more aggressive programs are available.

All work is transparent, and is documented in a monthly report that is sent to each client. You will never wonder what you are paying us to do. We will provide written documentation of all work through an excel spreadsheet each and ever month. You will also be kept aware of monthly movements in rankings and website traffic.

We will meet of beat any legitimate SEO company’s prices. Ask for details before you sign a contract. We do not force you to sign long-term agreements or contracts. Our services are monthly and can be stopped at any time.

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