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Startup Pricing

If you are just getting your business started, we can help. We will take care of all of the aspects of getting you online, and take all of the confusion out. We can secure your URL for your business, set up hosting and design a great website that is built with SEO in mind. We will set up all of the basics that will allow you to do the monthly updates yourself, or will lay the foundation for us to do our thing. This includes all of the “one-time” SEO elements that are necessary to start a project, and get you up and running.

“One-time” SEO is usually not enough to get you first-page rankings in any competitive industry, and will generally need someone to work on the ongoing content additions to make that happen. Our startup packages are designed to get everything in place so that someone can jump in and hit the ground running without the need for additional changes. We will do all of the things we would typically do in the first month of an ongoing SEO program for a website we have built (or someone else built.)

These packages vary in pricing depending on the size and scope of the website necessary. Because we are writing content for the site, our starting prices ($1,500) will be for websites 8 pages and under. If you need more than this, we will adjust the prices accordingly.


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