Tik Tok Marketing For Business

Most businesses are interested in finding out how social media marketing can work to provide more exposure for them. Social media is the farthest reaching advertising method on earth in 2020, with an ability to not only directly connect and converse with potential customers from a local area, but also to reach a global audience if this is something that your business could benefit from. Many local businesses can generate income from a global audience if they are able to convert a product they sell into a national or global product, using simple ecommerce features that can be easily used in WordPress websites. This means that you can take your products that would only be able to be sold to a local audience and sell them to a far more widespread audience through shipping. These aspects of commerce were generally not available to the population in the past because a few critical elements made the barriers to entry difficult. The system to sell your products through a website would need a significant economic commitment, and it would be difficult if not impossible to advertise your products on a global stage.  Social media changed all that as it became possible for businesses to speak to customers outside of the local market effectively, and with that communication process came the ability to sell to them. Social media platforms all work differently as far as what businesses have at their disposal, but for the purposes of remaining cutting edge in 2020 we will concentrate in this discussion on Tik Tpk. This is not only the fastest growing social media platform on earth, it is also unique in the way that the algorithm works. This unique ability gives creators the ability to grow their followings more effectively than any other platform.

Tik Tok has two methods that businesses can use in order to spread the word about themselves and their products. The most obvious is “Tik Tok For Business” which works much the same way as most social media platform’s paid ad programs. You can purchase the ability to run a 15 second advertisement that will show up in the regular feeds of users as they scroll. These ads must be formatted like Tik Tok videos, and allow people to then click from that ad to a website or landing page that you stipulate. There are general audience delivery features that you can control, only showing your ads to specific groups of people in specific areas if you choose. These paid ads are still being developed as a program, and have been in existence for about 4 months.

A far more interesting method of exposing your business to unlimited amounts of customers using Tik Tok is an understanding of the “for you” page in order to grow your audience that follows your posts. There are two methods of seeing videos on Tik Tok, being filtered through a grouping of accounts you follow or the “for you page” which provides suggested videos based on your behaviors.  The “for you page” that you see is different than anyone else’s suggested videos, and is using your likes and viewership patterns to suggest videos that it has determined would be interesting for you. Because users are getting a curated feed that is reliant upon comparable interests, you will notice that your “for you page” will change in tone as you like different videos. For example, if you like a video with a dog in it, the “for you page” will begin to show you dog videos. If you like a video with a bulldog in it, the for you page will begin to show you bulldog videos. This is why people will notice that their “for you page” will begin to take on specific themes over time. If you like videos from content creators in :as Vegas, then more Las Vegas videos are shown to you. Businesses have the ability to use this phenomena to build their audiences that follow them more effectively than any other platform. Through the creation of content that fits a specific niche, you can be found on the “for you pages” of people interested in that thing.  If this niche fits into line with the things you sell or specialize in, suddenly you have the ability to build your following by posting content on that topic. Keep the content fresh and funny, and continually be aware of Tik Tok trends, and you can begin to create a viral marketing campaign that puts you in charge. It is not random on Tik Tok, the creators that consistently entertain their audiences grow quickly, allowing you to speak to them ongoing.

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