SEO for law firms

Why is lawyer SEO so expensive?  This is one of the trending questions on Google with regards to lawyer marketing in 2019 and in 2020.  This is because lawyers are some of the biggest targets for SEO company salesman, mostly because law firms will generally have enough money to pay for large or midsized marketing campaigns, and they also understand that search engine optimization is one of the best methods of gaining new clients.  The main reason that lawyer SEO is more expensive than other types of businesses is based on the competition.  Our only 10 positions on the first page of Google, and most people are going to pick from the top positions in order to make a decision to hire a company.  Only the law firms that are presented on the first page are being considered by these people, and statistics show that almost 90% of people making a decision will start with a search engine.  The less competition there is for any search phrase, the easier the SEO program can be.  Search engine optimization is all about creating content that is either placed on your website or on other websites that link back to yours.  This is how you are viewed as an authority on that topic that you want to rank higher for.  If there are only a few competitors for those spaces, then less content has to be developed to gain them.  Because there are potentially such high settlements for most forms of law practice, we see that the competitors are willing to take far more effort and cost in order to stand out from the crowd.  This means that search engine optimization that is happening for lawyer websites is done at a far higher level than most other businesses.  If your profit margin from selling a plumbing service is a couple of hundred dollars, then you are only probably willing to invest around that amount in your marketing.  If your profit margin is potentially millions of dollars, then you are looking at your marketing as being far more serious than that plumber.  This is why you’ll see a few specific players that are being presented time and time again in different marketing mediums, but the same players are not always the ones who were presented on the first page of the search engines.  This is because ranking on a search engine is not like buying ad space.  You can buy a certain amount of television commercials for a specific amount of money, and you can buy a certain amount of ads for a specific amount of money as well.  But using this method is not necessarily going to get you higher rankings on search engines because the positions are not guaranteed by the amount of money that you spend.  Instead, it is much like hiring a major league baseball player to play on your team.  You’re not assured the player will hit home runs, but by hiring the best of the best you are given a better opportunity to have those home runs be hit.  This is your competition, who are spending large amounts of money to make sure that the best SEO is being done for their websites.  They’re making sure that the best writers are writing the best content, and they’re interesting their programs to companies with provable track records of success.  If you do not compete on the same level that they compete on, and you can’t expect to rank.

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