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We design bold and aggressive websites that get noticed. Our goal is to convert people into customers. Websites are built for SEO, so they get found on search engines, then they turn traffic into sales. ARF ARF ARF!


Our SEO services are designed to get people searching for your products and services on Google to see you, by getting your site onto the front page. Anything less is pointless. We aggressively attack the rankings, and force them to rise. ARF ARF ARF!

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Bold and in-your-face social media management and marketing. We cut through the clutter of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok with posts that stand out. We build audiences of people who can't help but follow. ARF ARF ARF!


We work exclusively with Las Vegas & Henderson Businesses

Our SEO company and marketing agency is local, and we work exclusively with Las Vegas and Henderson NV businesses. We choose to only work with local businesses because communication is easier, and we can meet in person. Aggressive marketing needs a team, and we want you to be well informed on your role.

Website Design

Bold and Clean Websites That Stand Out

Our website design style is bold. We design sites that are clean and responsive (work on mobile,) as well as being designed to rank on search engines. We design websites as part of SEO programs, because a clean website that customers like is critical to gaining higher rankings.

Social Media

Talking Directly To The Las Vegas Community

Social Media is critical to success today. Through social media, we get to speak directly to the Las Vegas community, and gain new customers. We are experts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and even Tik Tok.

Fully Inclusive Startup Packages

Flexible & Fair Pricing

We will build your basic website as well as provide the basic framework for SEO, enabling you to hit the ground running with your new business. We handle all the aspects from securing a URL and hosting to configuring the website files and basic SEO elements. We take the wheel and let you concentrate on your business.

Our Startup Pricing


A Plan For Every Size Business


LOw Competition

  • Check site titles
  • Target up to 4 keywords
  • Check meta descriptions (webpage description)
  • Check image alt tags
  • Check “NAP” name, address, and phone number



High Competition Industries

  • Check site titles
  • Target up to 15 keywords
  • Check meta descriptions (webpage description)
  • Check image alt tags
  • Check “NAP” name, address, and phone number


A Big Dog With A Big Bite

Never bet against the biggest dog in the yard

SEO is a dogfight. Rankings are based on competition, and if you were the only business then you would be #1 automatically. Your competition is doing everything they can to be #1 because that's where the money is. That's why you need a Big Bulldog on your side. In the battle that is online marketing in 2020, only the strongest will win.
Bulldogs never back up.
Bulldogs never back down.

SEO Questions & Answers

SEO is a process by which a website is provided with elements that are known to improve it within search engine rankings. This means that through the process of SEO you are attempting to move a website higher on Google rankings for a specific search phrase. That phrase is identified and the process is applied to the page within the website that is desired to rank on the search engine. Using a number of tactics that are known to be favorable to higher rank positions, that page of the site is moved progressively upward over time. The process generally consists of creating content that is posted on the page, creating links to that page through content posted on other websites, and the streamlining of the code on that page in order to make it more easily understood by Google. Equally important is the ease of which that information is displayed for visitors on different devices, and how well that information answers the questions that a person asked. Through the creation of unique content that answers questions and provides information, then the reinforcement of that content as being important through links from other websites, Google moves the page higher in rankings for specific searches. Rankings are based on competition between your page and all others that answer questions and provide information, so the SEO process entails providing better content than everyone else in the space. The process of building the trust level between the website and Google is ongoing.

While there is nothing stopping you from doing SEO for your own website, the process is difficult and time consuming. You must expect to continually develop and write new content to post on your website or on other websites that answers questions about your topic. All of the content developed must be unique and must provide the best answers of any websites in your region or industry. You also must understand the methods of interlinking content so as to provide people with additional and more expansive information on the topic. Through this process, you can do your own SEO if you choose to, but most people simply do not have the time or expertise to compete with professional SEO companies who are working for your competition.

SEO cost is dependent on the amount of work that will be necessary in order to achieve the goals. The phrase "Las Vegas personal injury lawyer" is far more competitive than "Las Vegas veterinarian," so putting in the same amount of work on both phrases will get far better results for the veterinarian than the personal injury lawyer. Generally, the amount of work necessary is going to be divided into the creation of new content and the development of new links. While the code work that provides the framework for displaying this information is more of a one-time project that will provide a template to display each page appropriately, the development of new content is going to be the bulk of the work necessary to move up in rankings.  You will need to continually provide new information on the topics you are an expert in, and put that content into your website. Through this process, Google identifies you as an "authority" and displays your website as the best source of information on that topic. The SEO process of developing new content is going to involve writing well-developed articles that are at least 500 words long and fully answer a question, that content linking to other content the same way Wikipedia does. Depending on how fast this content can be written and displayed on your website will dictate how much work you get per hour of SEO time. Most SEO companies charge around 100 to 200 dollars per hour of SEO time, meaning that you are booking a specific amount of content to be developed every month for your payment. Any SEO process that is not involving the development of content will not work, avoid companies that are not doing it this way. The typical SEO program for a small business in Las Vegas is somewhere between 500 and 1,000 dollars per month in 2021, and can be higher in more competitive industries that need more work to rank. You can expect the SEO process to go on indefinitely, as rankings are not fixed and will change as other websites develop better content.

SEO still works in 2021, and has always worked. The only things that have changed over the years have been the processes through which SEO is achieved, some of which have stopped working. In the past, better search engine rankings could be achieved using spammy techniques and programming tricks, but these types of short cuts have been identified by Google and will now result in penalties. The use of inappropriate techniques for SEO will ultimately work against the goal in 2020 and beyond, as Google gets better at identifying those who are trying to cheat their way to a number one position.

So how does SEO work in 2021 if the old techniques are not effective or possibly resulting in penalties? The answer is simple, SEO is now the process of being the best at what you do, and not just trying to cheat the algorithm. Google has grown very good at identifying the answers to questions people are asking, and positioning those websites which answer questions fully at the top of the results. This means that SEO has become far less about programming and gaming the algorithm and far more about being the best source of information. This information will need to be presented in the best possible manner, on the fastest loading website that is easy to navigate and understand on all devices, both desktop and mobile. Once a good website has been created, the work of SEO is presenting as much of the information necessary to be understood to be the authority on a subject. Good SEO in 2021 identifies the subjects that customers are asking about, and provides that information to them through a process of creating and posting content. That content is verified as being appropriate through networks of links back to it from other websites which are posting about the same subject. If this is used as the process, SEO works more effectively at achieving rankings than ever before.

Las Vegas SEO is a process by which a Las Vegas business ranks higher on Google for specific search phrases that are preformed by people within the geographic area of Las Vegas NV. As "local SEO" became more important for businesses because of the advent of mobile phones being the primary source of information for most people, SEO that is specifically designed to provide results within a geographic region became more important. This is not quite as simple as using the words "Las Vegas" all over your website in order to prove to Google that you are from Las Vegas. Instead, it is about tapping into the specific aspects of business within Las Vegas that make it different than everywhere else. Google will understand that your business is located in Las Vegas as long as you have an address and phone number prominently displayed on the site. Google My Business listings allow you to present your business to the local Las Vegas community even if you do not have a website. "Las Vegas SEO" is all about creating content on your website that is specifically for people residing in the Las Vegas area, and the unique elements that your business brings to that community. If there is nothing unique about your business that being in Las Vegas involves, then simply position contact information on the website and develop content that is designed for your industry. Localized SEO is not about using the city name over and over, and instead is about the value you can provide to the local community that is better than all your competition.

While it is possible for any business to gain rankings without doing SEO, it becomes increasingly difficult as their competition does it. For example, if there is a race between cars that have had no modifications and are all they same style, then the race is going to proceed in a fair way. If one car driver puts a turbo-charger on his car without telling anyone else, then his car will go faster and probably win the race every time. SEO is the same way, where if nobody is doing anything to boost their rankings then it is possible for anyone to rank high. As soon as one website starts performing the tasks that move rankings up, then they will probably outrank everyone else until those other sites start doing the same things. Las Vegas is a competitive city, and most businesses in Las Vegas face a good amount of competition.  This means that if you have a website and it is not ranking, it probably will not ever rank until you start performing SEO.

"Local SEO" is a specific process that works within the generalized SEO process in order to create higher rankings within a geographic area. An example of this would be a dentist in Las Vegas attempting to rank for the word "dentist." If this business was to attempt to rank globally for that term, they would be facing competition from every dentist that is indexed by Google. Luckily, Google understands that within the dental industry, most people who use this search term are seeking a dentist that is located in their general region, and can be driven to within a few minutes. Google has learned to understand this by studying what types of listings have proven favorable to people over time, within specific industries. For this reason, a "local SEO" program that attempted to push rankings higher for this dentist in Las Vegas would be targeting phrases like "dentist in Las Vegas," "dentist near me" and "local dentist." This localized version of an SEO program does not attempt to target areas outside of the drive-up region of that business. Using several different mediums like the information on the website and the Google My Business listing in order to allow Google to fully understand this type of business, the "local SEO" program moves rankings up for the appropriate audience. For businesses that sell within a national or global audience, local SEO would not be desired as the business could potentially be misunderstood as being regional in nature, thus limiting the display within results to only those from the surrounding region of the headquarters. This is why it is important to identify if the program will be localized or not, and stick to that plan.

Local SEO does not happen exclusively on the website, but also involves other properties outside of the site itself. The localization data that is listed on the website (address and phone number) must also match the Google My Business listing and other addresses that may be positioned on social media or citation websites. For this reason, "local SEO" is more of a process that involves both offsite and onsite work, and is an expansion of the standard SEO process so as to teach Google exactly the nature of the business and where the customers are located.

Hiring an SEO company can be a stressful process, especially if you don't know a lot about how the SEO process works. If you are the typical business owner with only a basic understanding of SEO, you probably know that you need to have good rankings on Google but have almost no idea how the SEO company achieves that goal for their clients. This lack of understanding about how the process works also makes it very difficult to judge if an SEO company is good at the process or not. Most business owners who have hired an SEO company and not gained the results that were necessary to make the SEO worth the price that was paid simply made the mistake of hiring a bad SEO company, probably because they didn't know what to look for. A bad SEO company is going to involve a few things, either that the strategy they use does not work to produce results or the program itself did not provide enough work to make the results happen. Either way, it is the fault of the SEO company who accepted that client that the results were not good. If they use a reasonable strategy but did not explain to the client that they may not be doing enough work to achieve results, this is the same as if their strategy produced no results at all. Either way, the client suffers the consequences of paying for something that does no good.

A good SEO company is going to use a strategy that works, and they should be able to provide examples of their work producing rankings for other businesses. If they cannot show you a business that they currently work with that has good rankings, then there is a good chance that they are not using a strategy that works. It has been proven that the only reasonable SEO programs that provide results in 2020 will involve the creation of written content. If your SEO company is not providing written content as part of the program, there is a good chance that you will not achieve the results you desire. Even if they get rankings quickly using strategies that do not involve content, there is a high probability that those rankings are only temporary. To judge a good SEO company in order to hire them, ask about the specifics of their strategy. If they will not discuss it with you, then you shouldn't hire them. If they cannot provide current examples and samples of their work, don't hire them. You do not have to be an SEO expert to hire an SEO company, you just need to use common sense.

SEO is the ongoing process of providing work that is known to influence rankings upward for specific target phrases. This means that the SEO program needs to be judged on it's specifics, because not all SEO programs are the same, and not all industries have the same amount of competition. Rankings on Google are specifically a competition between your website and all the other websites that offer the same kind of information. Your website must be viewed by Google as being better than all those others in order to get a top ranking, which means that the SEO process is actually the process of making your website the best in it's field. The personal injury law field is far more competitive than veterinarians, so it can be expected that a personal injury lawyer SEO program will take longer to achieve top results than the veterinarian SEO program. This also will be impacted by how much SEO work is being done on your site compared to the other sites competing for those top spots. Remember that it is not like you are running and everyone else is standing still. At the same time your SEO is developing, so is the SEO for all those other sites currently in the top spots. This is why you need to not only choose the best SEO company in your area but also make sure that the SEO program is properly funded in order to provide a level of work that will gain results within an expected period of time. Your SEO company should be able to provide you with advice on this process.


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